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Calorie Content of Vietnamese Coffee: What You Need to Know

Vietnamese coffee has been an indispensable beverage for millions of people for many years and is likely to stay so for many more years. Nevertheless, being such an integral part of people’s daily diet, it is important to know the calorie content of the type of Vietnamese coffee you are having, especially at a time when the world is inclining towards adopting a more healthy lifestyle.

So, what is the calorie content of Vietnamese coffee? Well, this totally depends on the Vietnamese coffee pairing and the add-ons that people put in their coffee. Let’s look at the most common type of Vietnamese coffee that people have and the amount of calories that these types add to our bodies.


Types of Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee, such as The Caphe Vietnam coffee, known for its robust flavor, can be enjoyed in various ways. Each way brings with it a unique flavor and calorie content.

Vietnamese Black coffee

People who prefer black coffee would definitely enjoy Vietnamese black coffee as it has a good earthy taste and has the least calorie content, ranging from 0 to 2 for every 4 ounces of serving. This coffee is best for those who can’t live without coffee but want to cut down on their calorie content.

Iced Vietnamese coffee

Many people don’t prefer the bitterness and the strong taste of black Vietnamese coffee, giving rise to various coffee combinations, with iced Vietnamese coffee being the most popular one. This style of coffee is made by combining 4 ounces of black coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

This sweetness adds calories to the coffee, which is between 150 to 180 calories. You can adjust your calorie content by limiting the per tablespoon serving of condensed milk to your coffee, which is usually 60 calories.

Vietnamese coffee with sugar

The per tablespoon serving of sugar adds nearly 16 calories to your coffee, which is still a better option if you want sweetened coffee that is low in calories. For the best experience, it is recommended to brew your coffee with a phin filter, which you can easily order from The Caphe Vietnam’s website.

Vietnamese coffee with coconut cream

For those who are lactose intolerant or prefer vegan food, Vietnamese coffee with coconut cream is the best alternative. The calorie content of such coffee is nearly half of that of iced Vietnamese coffee, with great tastes, thanks to the natural sweetness and unique flavor that coconut offers.

The calorie content of coconut milk is approx 34, so one can easily brew a well-calculated fresh coconut cream-based coffee that suits their taste and satisfies their dietary needs.

Vietnamese coffee with milk

While Vietnamese coffee is mainly paired with condensed milk, using whole milk is also something people do to add taste, neutralize the bitterness of the coffee, and cut down on their calories at the same time.

Skimmed milk can be a better substitute for whole milk for those following a weight management regime. One cup of whole milk has 152 calories, while skimmed milk has 85 calories. So, an addition of 3 to 6 tablespoons of whole milk typically adds 30-60 calories, which is not bad either.

Known for its strong robusta coffee, you can brew Vietnamese coffee offered by brands like The Caphe Vietnam in a number of ways. However, if calories are something that really matters to you, then only by choosing the additives you are putting into your coffee wisely can you enjoy traditional Vietnamese drinks guilt-free.

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