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What is Honey Processed Coffee?

What is Honey Processed Coffee? What is the difference between natural vs honey processed Coffee? Which is the best honey processed Coffee? Coffee or coffee beans are fruit; to extract coffee beans, they must undergo some processes at the initial or the farm level. In recent years Honey processed coffee has become common compared to Natural process coffee. 

So, what is honey processing? Honey Processing is a method in which raw coffee beans are hand-picked and sorted; their skins and pulps are then removed like other coffee beans and then dried without scrubbing off the outer layer of the fruits. The key difference between natural vs honey processed coffee is that honey-processed coffee beans spend less time in the water than washed beans resulting in less fermentation, and decreasing the sugar compounds available to be converted into acid. 

Honey Processed Coffee bean does not mean that these beans have honey on them; they got this name due to their sticky appearance. Less soaked in water and decreasing sugar compounds provide them a rich flavor. 

What is Coffee Processing?

To understand honey-processed Coffee, we need to know how coffee processing happens. Like other organic beverages, coffee production starts from the production of cherries, and the seeds of these cherries are roasted and brewed into coffee beans and later into Coffee. In this coffee brewing process, those cherry seeds are removed several ways without affecting the flavors. 

With every method of coffee processing, different layers of cherries are removed before the cherries are spread out to dry. Several pieces of cherry are removed to make every cup of Coffee taste bright and flavourful. 

What Does Honey Process Coffee Taste Like?

The flavor profile of the honey processed Coffee includes notations of brown sugar, cedarwood, chocolate, and spice. These coffee beans provide a low acidity and intense sweetness, providing a fruity and complex style while brewing. The Honey Processed Coffee provides a well-balanced quality of acidity and intense fruit sweetness into every cup. Counting on the level of honey processing, ideally, honey-processed coffee hits the perfect sweet spot compared to washed coffee beans.

So what makes honey processed Coffee so popular?

Processing honey process Coffee takes great skill and training to master; the fermentation period requires constant rotation of seeds; numerous things can go wrong while processing the beans. The coffee beans production process is so time-consuming and tedious excess courses can make the beans too dry and won't allow sugar compounds to develop. A perfect honey process will result in flavourful and sugar-rich coffee beans, providing a memorable coffee with every brew.

Where are the best Honey Processed Coffee beans produced?

Several places are well-known for the production of coffee beans. Among them is Vietnamese Coffee which is primarily famous for there intense and flavourful brews. Vietnamese coffee beans are recognized for giving a kick-start to the day with every brew. As Vietnamese coffee beans are 30% stronger than the arabica, it increases caffeine and helps energize your day. Coffee beans contain antioxidants and other vitamins, including riboflavin, potassium, and magnesium. Vietnamese Specialty Robusta Coffee is among the most preferred and prime choices in most nations.

Several brands provide Vietnamese coffee beans but one of the significant and premium brands that come to the mind of coffee addicts in The Caphe Vietnam. The Caphe Vietnam is primarily in demand for selling robusta coffee beans, and we are mainly famous for providing the best Vietnamese Coffee in the middle-east. Robusta coffee beans leave a bold, nutty and chocolaty taste behind with every sip. We provide seeds grown through organic and authentic Vietnamese techniques, with every seed being very premium, giving them an authentic and exceptional taste.

The Caphe Vietnam provides 6 coffee types divided into 12 products, including honey processed Coffee. We provide 2 different products under Honey processed coffee, including Roasted Blend (Honey) and Fine Robusta (Honey Process). Our Roasted Blend (Honey) is one of our premium coffee beans products that are medium roasted and are sold for AED45 for one bag of coffee beans. These beans provide clove, Roasted peanut & sweet candy flavor with every sip. On the other hand, the Fine Robusta (Honey Process) is another medium-roasted premium coffee bean product sold for AED25 for one bag of coffee beans. These beans provide clove, Roasted peanut & sweet candy flavor with every sip. 

Wrapping Up

Being the best coffee brand in UAE, The Caphe Vietnam provides coffee beans grown from an authentic coffee growing process and cultivated with love and antique techniques. The Caphe Vietnam also provides the original aluminum build Vietnamese Phin filter to grind and brew a precise cup of Coffee full of flavors and fragrance. Our famous 6 varieties of Coffee, including Natural, 100% Robusta, Honey, Robusta + Arabica (Mix), Cold Brew, and Drip Coffee, make us a famous coffee brand in the UAE market.

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