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What is the difference between Thai and Vietnamese coffee

If you are a coffee addict or an avid coffee drinker, there are several possibilities for sourcing robusta coffee beans and roasting them in a manner that is uniquely yours. But when it comes to two Southeast Asian supergiants, which one produces the best cup of java? Vietnamese coffee vs Thai coffee? Coffee is considered one of the most lionized drinks across the globe. Despite its global popularity, there are geographical variations in how coffee is prepared and consumed. For instance, coffee tastes differently in Thailand and Vietnam, depending on where it is devoured.

Coffee is not just a hot beverage that people relish; there is an enormous disparity in coffee beans' preparation and brewing process. Two of the most popular styles of joy brewing include Thai coffee and Vietnamese coffee. Fasten one's eyes to take a closer look at the dissimilarity between Thai coffee vs Vietnamese coffee.

Thai coffee vs Vietnamese coffee

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Many societies hold coffee in high regard, and its technique of preparation and brewing varies as many forms as the nations that export it. Countries like Thailand and Vietnam are great examples since they each have distinctive coffee cultures. To brew a perfect cup of coffee, one should know all the beans, whether Thai coffee beans or Vietnamese coffee beans. 

Let's peek at these coffee beans and compare them on their growing process. 

Thai coffee

When we say Thai coffee, we mean both the coffee beans grown in Thailand and the iced coffee with condensed milk. Thai iced coffee, also known as 'Oliang,' is prepared with robusta coffee beans that are primarily popular for having a bold flavor and earthy flavor with high caffeine content.

Robusta beans, which instant coffee utilizes, are less sought after than Arabica beans. Arabica beans are preferred because of their increased acidity and subtle taste. Arabica beans are more expensive than other varieties because they have a more complex taste profile and a more significant edge. These coffee beans require a unique drip filter before combining with sweetened condensed milk to get a special filter before mixing with sweetened milk.

Vietnamese Coffee

On the other hand, coffee beans of the Robusta kind are essential for the production of Vietnamese coffee. The amount of caffeine #in them is reduced, and they have a sweetness that is easier on the palate. Roasting the beans is the first step in the process that comes before turning them into a powder. Following the addition of hot water and sweetened condensed milk to this powder, the resulting liquid is filtered through a Phin filter before being served. 

Because using this approach yields a cup of coffee that is smooth and flavorful, it is an ideal option for those who want to relax while enjoying their coffee because the coffee produced using this method meets both of these criteria.

What are Robusta Beans?

Robusta beans are coffee beans that contain more caffeine and have a more pungent taste. These beans are often included in instant coffees and flavored coffees. Additionally, they are utilized in certain espressos.

Robusta beans are used more often in instant coffee and coffee mixes than Arabica beans since they are less costly and Robusta has a harsher and more acidic taste than Arabica. This makes them the most preferred beans for brewing a strong cup of coffee. Apart from having great health benefits, people use coffee for weight loss, and some studies have shown people use coffee for skin also.

What is Phin Filter?

The Phin filter is a typical Vietnamese metal coffee filter with tiny holes at the bottom, which is put on top of the cup. The coffee grounds are placed in the filter, and hot water is gently poured over them. The coffee drops into the cup via the filter. This filter permits a steady trickle that produces a robust, flavorful cup of coffee. You can shop for an authentic Phin filter from the TheCapheVietnam website.

Bottom Line

TheCapheVietnam is one of the premium coffee brands selling Vietnamese coffee in Dubai. This coffee brand sells popular coffee beans, including honey-processed coffee and drip coffee. The grounded beans that TheCapheVietnam supplies are the best robusta coffee beans in UAE. If you are an avid coffee fan and enjoy a strong brew, then TheCapheVietnam has a lot to offer you. 


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