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Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands You Haven't Tried Yet.

Vietnamese coffee has always been a topic of debate among coffee aficionados. While some regard it to be the dark, rich, bitter drink with almost a burnt flavor, others swear by its uniqueness from the generic coffee sold by the big coffee joints. 

Some of the difference of opinion also stems from the way it is prepared traditionally in Vietnam. Vietnamese coffee is mainly prepared in two ways, the rich, dark drink with a strong flavor with or without milk and the cold version with condensed milk and ice cubes. Whatever the style of preparing the coffee is, Vietnamese coffee is worth a try, especially because of the coffee beans it is produced from.  

Vietnamese coffee comprises Robusta coffee beans. Despite having a humble beginning  (it started fillers added to the arabica coffee), it has now grabbed the attention of coffee lovers and specialty coffee roasters and brands dealing in specialty coffee.  

Over the years, many new brands have made their name in the market for their signature Vietnamese coffee beans and coffee blends. So, if you consider yourself to be a coffee nerd, here are 5 top Vietnamese Coffee brands you definitely need to try at least once: 

 The Caphe Vietnam

If introducing Vietnamese coffee beans and the rich coffee culture of the country in the world can be regarded as a crusade, this Vietnamese Coffee brand might be called a crusader. With strong love and dedication towards authentic Vietnamese coffee, The Caphe Vietnam only produces a premium range of products from the best quality coffee beans produced by the local farmers of Vietnam. You definitely need to try their Honey Drip coffee to get the authentic taste of Vietnam's favorite drink.  

Trung Nguyen

Being the household name in Vietnam for premium Vietnamese coffee, Trung Nguyen is one of the first Vietnamese coffee brands to break into the global scene and carve a space for itself. Their blend made from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans exude quality and richness, whichever method you want to brew it in for your next cup of coffee. Trung Nguyen coffee is known for its perfect balance between the chocolaty undertones and the fruity flavor of the coffee beans.

Lang Thang

If the strong, dark taste is not your game and you prefer your cup of coffee mild and smooth, this is the Vietnamese coffee brand to look out for. Their Saigon Phin Daklak made from a blend of peaberry, Arabica coffee beans, and soya beans, is the best partner to end a tiring day at work. Lang Thang takes their coffee very seriously, and so only the coffee beans procured from the Central Highlands region of Vietnam are used in the production of this premium blend. 

Parting Words

While the list of premium Vietnamese coffee is a long one and definitely not suitable to be cramped into one single article, these three Vietnamese Coffee Brands are the perfect ones to act as your gateway to the Vietnamese coffee culture. So if you’re in an experimental mood and want to ditch the regular Arabica coffee for something exciting, order from any of the above-mentioned brands and add some spice to your daily caffeine ritual.

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