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Can Drinking Coffee can Lead to Weight Loss?

You might have heard people saying that coffee leads to weight loss now and then, but is this statement true? Can drinking coffee can Lead to Weight Loss? The answer to the above question is Yes, as coffee contains nutrients like magnesium, niacin, potassium, and antioxidants. The caffeine in the coffee helps it improve metabolism and energy, promoting weight loss. 

Being black coffee is a low-carb drink that initiates weight loss due to a calorie deficit, as you are consuming comparatively fewer calories than you usually consume or the number of calories you burn. As black coffee only contains less than five calories, it is ideal for all regular coffee drinkers or addicts

Does Coffee Mobilize Fat From Fat Tissue?

Coffee contains caffeine which boosts the nervous system and helps in sending direct signals to fat cells, instructing them to break down. The adrenaline that travels through the blood reaches the fat tissues, indicating they break down and release into the blood. 

This does not mean you will be able to lose the fatty acids unless you start burning more calories than you are consuming. Burning more calories than you consume is a negative energy balance.

A negative energy balance can be achieved by consuming fewer calories than burning or burning more calories than you consume. 

Does Coffee increase the metabolism rate?

Metabolic rate is one of the fundamental reasons for burning calories when your body is at rest. With the increased metabolic rate, it gets easier for your body to lose weight and allows you to eat more without gaining extra pounds.

Various studies, including top studies from top medical institutions, have shown caffeine intake increases the resting Metabolism rate by up to 10%.

Fat burning rate is different depending on person-to-person studies have shown the fat burning percentage in lean people is higher than in obese people. 

There is no surety of fat burning in the long run, as with time body generates tolerance to the caffeine it stops working in the long run. Coffee also has an appetite-reducing effect which helps them reduce the quantity and the number of meals resulting in a decrease in the calories intakes.

However, coffee can also be unhealthy and lead to weight gain. Though we have studied that coffee has several health benefits and promotes weight loss, there are potential drawbacks. It is not beneficial to your health if you are into cold coffees or enjoy adding sugars to your coffee. People might find it tempting to add sugar or milk, or honey to their drinks, but this will quickly add calories to your beverage. Consumption of calories more than your regular intake prevents you from maintaining a calorie deficit essential for weight loss. Intake of more than average calories leads to an increase in weight.

Few studies have shown that coffee also decreases the feeling of hunger. Some studies have shown that coffee drinkers may have reduced numbers of ghrelin hormones responsible for making you feel hungry. It is prescribed to reduce weight and not more than 400 mg of caffeine daily because overconsumption can lead to insomnia and sleeping disorders. Poor sleep or an improper sleep cycle leads to an increase in appetite and weight gain. It is prescribed not to go to the abovementioned limit to avoid such problems. If you are a strong coffee drinker who drinks arabica coffee, you can switch to robusta beans to have the same experience.

If you are among regular coffee drinkers, you might want to switch to robusta coffee or robusta coffee beans as they are comparatively stronger than arabica coffee beans and are cost-effective. The Caphe Vietnam is one of the UAE's top sellers of robusta coffee beans. They are primarily famous for selling more than 6 varieties of Coffee, including Natural, 100% Robusta, Honey, Robusta + Arabica (Mix), Cold Brew, and Drip Coffee. The Caphe Vietnam sells a wide variety of products, including Roasted Blend (Natural), Roasted Blend (100% Robusta), Honey Drip Coffee, and much more. The brand is primarily famous for serving Vietnamese coffee beans all over the middle east and other parts of the world. They also provide you with a guide on how to create a cafe experience at home

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