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Choosing the perfect coffee grind finding your ideal brew

The world depends on coffee as the most trustworthy pick-me-up every morning. Coffee connoisseurs have a common trait irrespective of the part of the globe they belong to. They always want to experiment with this delectable beverage, and enjoy a new brew and savour its aroma. 

There are various brews, and finding the right one that suits your palette can be as complicated as finding the right partner. 

There are two primary traits of a coffee grind: strength and texture.

Today we spill the beans and uncover these coffee aspects to help you find the perfect brew to fill your cup of this tongue-tantalising drink.


In a world with a population of 1 billion coffee consumers, choice of the perfect texture varies from cup to cup. Coffee beans can be ground to achieve various grinds analyzed below. Make your pick from what would brew you your cuppa delight.

Extra-coarse grounds: 

The coffee beans in extra-coarse grounds are larger and perfect for brewing for comparatively longer periods. The coffee tastes under-extracted and very light if brewed at home for a shorter period. Perfect for baristas that boast of signature brews from the house. 

Coarse grounds:               

The coffee beans are grounded lesser than the finer ground and are brewed for a long time for the perfect palette appeal. This is ideal for brewing coffee in a French press and exhibits a bold taste.

 Medium-coarse grounds: 

This coffee grind can be optimally brewed using equipment like Chemex or a clever dripper. This coffee exhibits complexity over the body, and for people who prefer that, your perfect coffee ground is here.

These coffee grounds have berry-like acidity and complexity, floral and fruity notes, and magnanimously suit every palette. 

Medium grounds: 

This size of the coffee ground is smaller than the above three and looks approximately the size of tea powder. This is perfect for brewing using pour-over filters or basket filters and the popular Aeropress method. 

Medium fine grounds:

This coffee ground is fine and suitable for all brewing methods, like moka pot, home espresso machine, South-Indian filter, and more. Expect rich notes of coffee like nutty, caramel, and chocolate from this ground coffee.

 Fine grounds: 

This ground coffee variety is a favourite of commercial baristas and is widely available in all coffee shops and for homebrew. The beans are fine and do not exhibit any shape like the medium coarse grounds. 

Super-fine grounds: 

The super-fine grounds are smooth textured coffee grounds that can be brewed using the Turkish brewing method and are cherished by many coffee connoisseurs. 

Strength of the coffee beans

Now that we are abreast of the various coffee grounds in terms of texture, let us explore the coffee beans based on colour, flavours, acidity, and roast.

Coffee beans can be light, medium, medium-dark, and dark-hued. This quality of coffee beans bestows them with unique strength and features. Lightly roasted coffee beans have a light-brown hue and are most acidic and brewed with milk and sugar by most coffee lovers. The medium variety is darker than the light coffee beans, less acidic, has a balanced flavour and a bittersweet taste. The medium-dark beans have a darker hue than the light-roasted and medium-roasted variety and have a taste of milk chocolate, cocoa, is robust and can be brewed with milk and sugar. Dark coffee beans have the darkest hue, are less acidic, display dark chocolate, nuts, and cacao notes, and have an oily residue.

The beans have been spilled by us now! Which roast and texture would you choose today?

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