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Coffee and fresh herbs blend for summer season

Summer is here with the blazing sun, enough to roast us, and squeeze out every drop of water held in our bodies. That was a dramatic start to a blog, but not totally made up!

We must stay hydrated, consume glucose, and remain cool to endure the summer sun. Many of us have to quit our doses of caffeine as it dehydrates the body, a thing not everybody loves! After all, how to survive early morning meetings or squeaky good morning ushering by that irritating colleague at work? 

We understand and are here to help you choose wisely with our tips about healthy caffeine choices.

Do not be too hard on yourself and enjoy brews while making them a healthy part of your lifestyle seamlessly.

Whether you consume a hot cup of herbal brewed coffee or an icy one, ensure to capitalise on these hacks to stay healthy and ditch the guilt of caffeine intake.

Is cold brew beneficial in summer?

If we compare the hot and the cold brew, cold brews are better for summer. We list five reasons to opt for a cup of cold coffee for its various health benefits.

  • A cold brewed caffeine helps in an uplifting mood.
  • Cold coffee improves metabolism helping you digest food better and lose weight when consumed in moderate quantities.
  • Cold coffee has a bioactive compound that is beneficial for your body.
  • Cold-brewed caffeine is 67% less acidic than hot coffee and gentle on your digestive system.

Choose your brew carefully now with all the above benefits and keep cool with your apt choice.

Blending coffee with herbs and other condiments to unlock various health benefits.

Herbal coffee gained popularity over herbal tea as it has more health benefits when compared to tea. Tea connoisseurs may disagree, but coffee lovers would love this discovery, if not already. Herbal coffee is a decadent and delicious drink that gives you a healthy body and mind sans any side effects of the usual coffee.

Coffee lovers who get jitters from caffeine can find this a healthy alternative that pumps up your health and mood more than your usual cup of brewed coffee.  

How to prepare homemade herbal coffee?

Ditch expensive coffee outlets that charge a bomb only to give you an adrenaline rush and a mood uplift under the veil of a cup of herbal coffee. A homemade herbal brew would help you with authentic ingredients while saving money.

Here is a unique way to curate your healthy herbal coffee with a dash of ingredients to give you a nice kick and various health benefits.

Pour a tablespoon each of roasted chicory root, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, roasted dandelion root, burdock root, carob, sarsaparilla root, cinnamon chips, dried ginger, and cardamom into a jar and mix the ingredients well. Take a tablespoon of this mixture in a bowl and pour a cup of hot water on it and let it steep for 10 minutes. Strain this herbal coffee blend in your favourite coffee cup, add a dash of cream and some sugar or sweetener and you are ready to enjoy your homemade herbal coffee.

This brew is delicious and loaded with many health benefits. The ingredients give your herbal coffee a strong, nutty, well-rounded taste profile. 

We are sure this will be your favourite pick-me-up drink to boost your mood and energy instantly.

James Mackintosh once said, “The powers of a man's mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks”. 

As hilarious as it may sound, coffee aficionados would strongly agree! 

We unlocked a path to guilt-free caffeine indulgence for this summer and are sure you would tread on this way.  

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