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How to consume your caffeine during Ramadan?

Ramadan is approaching and the most sacred month in the Islamic culture awaits a pomp celebration.

Ramadan fasting isn’t a cakewalk as the body and mind undergo several positive changes. The food and liquid intake during permissible consumption hours plays a huge role in how the 30-day sojourn fairs. Every year, over 2 billion Muslims partake in this holy festival for a month, irrespective of age, gender, caste, or creed.

Amidst these 2 billion participants and several billion non-participants, what brings you here? Mostly, you are an avid coffee lover savouring every bit of the poison in every sip and every day.

Tea and coffee are the two quintessential beverages relished by people globally. Amongst the two competitors, the latter is the indomitable “pick-me-up” drink offering benefits to anybody in moderate consumption. The idea of abstaining from your caffeine dose or its side effects can make any connoisseur of coffee anxious.

Let us bust all your fears about abstaining from coffee and worries about its effects on the body. Here, we give tips and measures to ensure your system functions optimally during the month of patience, love, and forgiveness.

The good news is: You can have your coffee!

The when’s, and the hows!

During Ramadan, the body undergoes rigorous detoxification, and the key is to choose the optimum time to drink your coffee so that it does not interfere with the detox process.

Key things to remember:

At the time of Suhoor, the last meal of the day before the fast starts, it is best to avoid your cup. Coffee is said to be a diuretic and causes dehydration in the body. During Ramadan fasts, with strict abstinence from food or water between dawn to dusk, even a mild cup of caffeine can push the body into dehydration. Excessive urination is also something nobody would want during a fast.

When you break your Ramadan fast with Iftar, we do not recommend you drink your brew. Just as an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, an empty gut secretes gastric juice as soon as you feed anything and causes acid reflux and bloating.

What is the best time to have your demitasse?

After breaking your fast with Traditional Ramadan foods during Iftar, you can enjoy your cuppa after an hour from Iftar and well before your bedtime.

The when’s have been taken care of but what about the “hows” of the brew?

Extensive research in the study of this rocket fuel confirms that it is absolutely ok to have 300 mg of caffeine (250 ml of coffee or 3 cups) per day. A moderate quantity does not cause dehydration or indigestion if consumed during the acceptable timelines.

Health effects of coffee during Ramadan

If we abide by the guidelines, there is almost no reason to forsake your brew during Ramadan. Coffee also bestows you with many benefits during Ramadan:

  • Pumping up the energy quotient
  • Helping you stay awake
  • Balancing your mood by releasing body-friendly hormones

Have you heard about Coffee withdrawal?

Caffeine helps release certain neurotransmitters in the brain that help in boosting an individual’s happiness quotient. Regular doses of caffeine in moderate quantities ensure overall calmness, alertness, and wellness. Abstaining from this drug suddenly and disrupting the caffeine routine abruptly, can cause one to likely experience caffeine withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, irritability, or headaches.

So, the key to managing caffeine intake or total avoidance during Ramadan is reducing coffee intake from about 3 weeks before the festival to allow the body to adjust seamlessly.

Finally, for all the coffee aficionados out there waiting to usher in Ramadan and its positivity, relax, and enjoy your cup of espresso while keeping all the tips in mind.

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