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Coffee consumption is growing in the UAE as tea-drinking

With the increase in researchers showcasing and concluding numerous benefits of coffee, the UAE coffee market size and coffee consumption have spiked drastically. With simple packaging and ethically-sourced elements, the coffee obsession and coffee consumption in UAE are through the roof. Per Euromonitor International research, coffee consumption in UAE and UAE coffee market asks for 30,306 tonnes of coffee and 15,542 tonnes of tea yearly [1]. Although tea is by far the most preferred drink in most of UAE, the overall traction of coffee consumption statistics in UAE is stagnantly increasing daily. 

The UAE coffee market size is among the fastest growing by the amount of coffee sold over the past decade. The Middle East, especially UAE, is among the most crucial coffee markets, with a per capita consumption of 3.5 kg [2]. As per a few researchers, UAE people favor coffee over tea and enjoy cups of Jawa a day. Coffee drinking culture in the middle east has evolved over the past few decades with the introduction of a wider variety of coffee like honey drip, Natural, and 100% Robusta. 

These new coffee beans are among the unique blends of coffee, which are processed with several authentic Vietnamese methods to drive an exclusive taste to the consumer. Coffee obsession among addicts is not just because of robusta coffee beans' bold flavor and smell. These coffee beans also provide several health benefits, including diabetes, weight loss, cholesterol, and other illnesses. Coffee also provides numerous skin benefits studies have shown an increase in the face glow with an average consumption of coffee. 

Hike in the coffee market in UAE Post Pandemic

People spend most of their time at home with their families during the pandemic, and many food bloggers and foodies grab this opportunity to experiment and invent new food and drinks in their leisure time. With people being homebound, coffee brought a moment of calmness, self-healing, and a way to connect with their family and friends. 

Several influencers started podcasts and talk shows over coffee, where they invited people from various industries to present their views. This wave of innovation elevated the demand for several F&C products, including Tea and coffee. 

As trends like cold coffee, dalgona coffee, and ice coffee trended over the internet, numerous social media enthusiasts followed this trend resulting in skyrocketing sales of these F&C products to new heights. While the pandemic, people sought new herbal ways to keep themselves productive and boost their immune strength to fight against the virus. Beverages like organic coffee, with numerous health benefits as well as an increase in productivity, turned out to be a viable option for innumerable entrepreneurs. 

Several megastores also launched fanfare and offer to promote sales to milk this fine opportunity. These sales wiped out the entire coffee stock from the shelves and led to a short-term shortage. Caffeine strongly connects with anxiety and depression, so many added coffee to their daily driver to keep themselves mentally conformed. 

Bottom Line

With the pandemic, people realized the use and health benefits of coffee. Due to this, there is a content increase in the UAE coffee market and coffee consumption statistics in UAE. Consumers have created a sense of taste towards a variety of coffee beans. Robusta coffee beans have come out to be one of the best coffee beans to use if you are looking for a bold and strong taste of Vietnamese coffee. The Caphe Vietnam is one of the leading coffee brands in UAE, selling authentic coffee in the entire middle east. Check out our premium coffee collection of six varieties distributed among 12 products. 


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