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Coffee Pairings and Beyond: Exploration of Delicious Food Matches with Different Coffees

As every wine lover beholds the match made in heaven between a wine and cheese combo or an Enchilada, coffee cannot be left behind in this magic-pairing game. 

Every coffee junkie knows that the cup of delight can uplift the taste of food and amplifies sensory pleasure by manifolds. 

The fact remains that coffee has the potential to make food taste better because of the subtle undertones, and it can bring out the best of a complimenting food. 

Let us tempt ourselves with a virtual exhibit of a list of delicious food to match your cup of caffeine. 

 Coffee with something sweet

If you have a sweet tooth, coffee is your first pick for an accompanying beverage. Coffee matches well with cakes such as Guatemalans, caramel-based cakes, and chocolate mousse and amplifies the subtle notes of the sweet delights to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling while pleasing the palate seamlessly. Generously bite onto a doughnut or a croissant and sip a hot cup of specialty coffee. If you love chocolate or fruity crepes, the toasted sweetness of the crepe pairs well with your hot cup of smooth coffee. This combination is one of the best to make for a sumptuous breakfast.

Coffee and savoury snackable

If you want something spicy, you must combine the compelling taste of savoury crepes and coffee that boasts Rich flavors but light textures. Savoury snackable encompasses a wide spread of savoury crepes with veggie fillings, complex and creamy flavours within different cheeses, bacon, roast chicken, sausages, sandwiches, and omelets. How can you ever go wrong with spicy and savoury hot food and the aroma of rich and smooth coffee? If you are an adventurous coffee lover, try pairing Egg whites and coffee and see the magic unfurl. The combination instantly brings out each other’s tantalizing flavors to the food connoisseur.

Coffee with healthy options

Coffee also gels well with some healthy bites, and though the combination might seem weird to a few of you, try it to rejoice in the pair’s offerings. Coffee organically pairs well with strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Peaches, Plums, And Apricots. This combination helps you stay at the top of your fitness game while savouring the delectable taste of coffee. You can choose to snack on fruit tarts that go exceptionally well with Costa Rican coffee.
While eating healthy breakfast options like Oats, sesame, and avocado, sip on some rich black coffee to alleviate your senses to face the day. The antioxidants in coffee with the health benefits of these fruits exclusively help you embrace a better lifestyle.

Coffee with chocolates

Last but not least, we pair coffee with chocolate and present a deadly combination of two wonderful mood boosters. Coffee exuberates slight bitterness that syncs well with chocolate’s richness. If you want to munch on dark chocolates, try the bolder coffee flavours, and if you are up for munching on light and milk chocolates, opt for fruitier coffee flavours or lighter roasts.

A quote states, “You cannot have a decent food culture without a decent coffee culture: the two things grow up together”, and we exactly had these thoughts while ideating this blog for our coffee aficionados.

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