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A Tale in Every Cup: Delving into Vietnam's Coffee Culture and Captivating Brewing Styles

“I have my coffee, and then I do the talking” is a global cult, and when it comes to Vietnamese, they take the coffee culture a tad too seriously. For them, coffee is not just any average drink but a way of life. Coffee is not an aristocratic beverage but a signature drink for everybody in Vietnam across financial status and creed. Where else would you find a coffee shop open at the brink of dawn and serving connoisseurs until the day gets over by 10 pm? The French introduced coffee to Vietnam in the 19th century, but this coffee destination invented unique brewing styles that were created, improvised, and loved by coffee lovers.

There is a tale in every cup of coffee here, and a lot literally happens over their cuppa caffeine.

A sneak-peak into Vietnamese culture

Vietnamese culture was heavily influenced by Chinese culture and primary Confucian principles. They value education and learning, followed by age and then wealth. Some of the most respectable Vietnamese professions are doctors, priests, and teachers. They are known for their sarcasm and puns while they believe in abstaining from conflict. Vietnamese boast of being entrepreneurial, energetic, pragmatic, and sentimental and value get-togethers with friends and family and respect community values. An afternoon siesta after lunch is a routine practice in Hanoi, and a relaxed work-atmosphere accounts for Vietnamese voted as the happiest people in Asia.

Coffee for Vietnamese people

By now, we can visualize the Vietnamese socio-cultural values that hold moral values, education, and respect as the highest order. Their get-togethers are never complete without a cup of coffee. Vietnamese people are the only class of natives who can doze after a refreshing cup of coffee at night, while the rest of the world is pushed into insomnia by caffeine. In Vietnam, the term “ba tam” refers to gossip, and what better than a table occupied by a few friends, with a spread of hot Vietnamese coffee and some gossip about the neighborhood? Harmless banters are mood-elevating, and Vietnamese believe coffee table discussions to be rooted in their community.

Best cafes in Vietnam to savor your caffeine.

If you plan to explore Vietnam, you must visit these renowned cafes to taste the best Vietnamese coffee, which has swayed tourists off their ground. We hand-picked 10 famous Vietnamese cafes, namely Up Vietnam Cafe – Vinh, Thinker & Dreamer Coffee – Ho Chi Minh City, Okkio Caffe – Ho Chi Minh City, Golem Coffee – Da Nang, La Viet – Da Lat, D’Codes Coffee Lab & Campus Vietnam – Hanoi, Saigon Coffee Roastery – Ho Chi Minh City, Mockingbird Cafe – Ho Chi Minh City, The Caffinet – Hanoi & Cong Kopi – Da Nang. Whether it is a cup of hot latte, iced coffee, slow and cold drip, sweet condensed milk, or the lovely smell of coffee roaster that appeals to you, you will never forget the rich-brew experience from these cafes. These cafes have quirky ambiance, a warm and cosy atmosphere, captivate the essence of Vietnamese culture, and look straight out of a Pinterest mood board. Some of these also boast of a deadly combination of books and coffee where one can unwind with friends, loved ones, or by themselves to absorb life as it is.

Unique Vietnamese coffee styles

Now, if you are curious about the signature Vietnamese coffee styles, we are here to satiate your curiosity right away without further ado. We genuinely feel that for novice coffee lovers, a little guidance would be your helping hand to add these coffee styles to your bucket list and make the right choices to order.

Ca Phe Saigon or Sua: This South Vietnamese favourite comprises a tall glass of ice-cold coffee without milk called Ca Phe Saigon. If you love milk coffee, add a dash of condensed milk to make a cup of Ca Phe Sua.

Ca Phe Hanoi: This is a North Vietnamese pick, and the thick coffee is served with iced green tea in whiskey style.

Coffee smoothies: If you are conscious about health and looking for healthy alternatives, this heavenly combination of coffee, yogurt, and fruit blends the best of all three worlds. This would be your guilt-free pleasure while you enjoy the richness of coffee and also relish the health benefits

Egg Coffee: Vietnamese love Egg coffee contains a copious amount of whipped-up egg and condensed milk, making it a yummy drink.

Coconut coffee: Another lovely combo with health benefits is this variety, with a dollop of whipped coconut cream served on top of the coffee in a glass.

Which one would you pick?

Finally, some get so busy in life that they forget the little joyful moments. Some are so stressed that they do not gauge anything beyond wealth and status. And then some savour every little moment, just like their favourite cup of coffee, relishing drop by drop that relax and inspire them all the way. Choose your type, select your coffee, and create stories in each cup.

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