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How to Choose the Right Specialty Coffee Roaster?

Whether you’re a coffee fanatic or someone who likes to have his daily dose, knowing the coffee is a must. The more you know about your coffee, the better you will like it after brewing especially in the case of specialty coffee. 

The main factor that separates specialty coffee from regular ones is its roasting process. Specialty coffee is not like instant coffee that you can easily buy at a shopping mall. Every specialty coffee is different from the other one, having made from different coffee beans using different roast levels. So, choosing the right roaster for your coffee is an important decision for you to take. But before we start discussing the points you need to keep in mind why choosing a roaster, let us get a better idea about a signature or specialty coffee and why are people so in love with it. 

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is the term used for highest grade coffee that is made from top quality coffee beans, unlike commercial coffee. While commercial coffee can be made using a blend of more than one mediocre variety of coffee beans, specialty coffee is always produced from a single variety and rarely blended. It is also roasted specially using traditional roasting methods, unlike commercial coffee which is prepared in large plants which significantly impacts its overall taste profile. 

You can, therefore, understand how much responsibility lies on the roasters to maintain the high standard of specialty coffee. This makes it crucial to find the best roaster so that there is no need for you to compromise on the quality. But with so many roasters already existing in the market and new ones popping up every other day, how do you find the perfect match? 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you in your search for the perfect specialty coffee roaster:

  1. Know your roast

Unlike commercial coffee, coffee beans of specialty coffee come in different blends such as light, medium and dark. While light and medium roasts are the most common ones, dark roast also has its fan following. For example, Vietnamese coffee made from the Robusta coffee beans is loved specially for its dark roast. So, find out which level of roast you want for your coffee and if the roaster is available for providing such.

  1. Experience is the key

Specialty coffee is often referred to as gold due to its top-notch quality. And as roasting plays such an important role in the overall quality of the coffee beans, it is considered to be art only a few can master perfectly. So before you finalize a roaster, always look at their prior experience to know if they are truly the artists you can rely on or simply wannabes.

  1. Research About the Coffee Beans 

If roasters are artists, coffee beans are the paint. And no matter how good a painter is, he can’t create a masterpiece with the wrong colors. Similarly, if the coffee beans lack in quality not even the finest of the world’s roasters can turn your coffee cup into a magician’s hat. So, research about the coffee beans used by the roaster and their origin to ensure your specialty coffee is not just another cheap first-copy. 

  1. Know About the Roasting Process

Sure you’ve no plans to start roasting your Vietnamese coffee beans but wouldn’t you want to know how are your beans roasted that gives your specialty coffee its unique taste? Knowing about the roasting process and the tools used in it can not only make it easier for you to communicate better with your roaster but also help you understand your specialty coffee in a better way. So if possible look for roasters that provide complementary training.

  1. Analyze the Dedication Level of the Roaster 

Imagine getting accustomed to a particular taste only to wake up one day to find that you won’t be able to enjoy it anymore. This might also happen with your precious cup of specialty coffee. So look out for specialty coffee roasters that are in it for the long run to ensure that you don’t have to go through a rough break-up all of a sudden. How seriously the roaster takes its products is a good way to analyze the level of commitment to this process.

  1. The More the Merrier

If you’re more of a dark roast coffee drinker, it doesn't mean you will never go for the lighter or medium roasts, especially if you're into the barista business and need a wholesale roaster. So whether you're a business owner or just a casual drinker, it’s always useful to go for a roaster that shows a range than sticking to a single thing. Sure, mastering a single roast is crucial but its also important to have a range of products available to show diversity.


If these things seem too tiring and complicated for you, we know of the perfect thing for you to satisfy all your coffee needs without compromising on the quality. The Caphe Vietnam is the perfect match for you if you want someone to take care of the nuances of specialty coffee and leave the enjoying part to you. 

TheCapheVietnam boasts of bringing to you authentic Vietnamese coffee to your kitchen through their premium Vietnamese coffee products. Made specially from the red, ripe cherries, TheCapheVietnam doesn’t like to compromise with their coffee beans and so are very strict with their plucking policies. They regard themselves to be crusaders on the path to initiate the world with the rich coffee culture and traditional Vietnamese coffee. 

So if you are new to the game of specialty coffee, there can be no other guide better than TheCaphe Vietnam. With Caphe Vietnam at your service, your coffee needs are in good hands. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the richness of the freshly brewed specialty coffee after a tiring day at work or maybe provide you with an extra boost for the day ahead.

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