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How to Become a Coffee Enthusiast in 4 Easy Steps

Sure, coffee is no wine, but the world is wholeheartedly embracing it as a daily drink. So much so, it has now become the second most popular beverage globally. Specialty coffee particularly is gaining traction among coffee lovers. Like movies and books, people nowadays take pride in their knowledge of different Vietnamese coffee beans and love discussing them.  Words like aficionado, caffeine addicts, coffee nerds have not only earned a place in the social media bios but also in their identity. 

So how does one become a coffee nerd? Well, it's not so difficult. Someone who boasts of knowing different coffee beans and specialty coffee like a pro is a potential sign of a coffee enthusiast. 

How Can You Become a Coffee Enthusiast? 

Eager to be one? Here are some tips and tricks that you may follow if you want to be known as a coffee enthusiast. 

  1. Know Your Beans

Did you know not all coffee is the same, and there are several varieties of Vietnamese coffee beans? Yes, coffee consumed worldwide is mostly made from one of the four main varieties: Robusta coffee bean, Arabica coffee bean, Excelsa coffee bean, Liberica coffee bean. All these coffee are produced by different countries and have their unique characteristics. So start by singling out each of the varieties and know its country of origin, taste profile, what makes it popular, etc.

  1. Know the Roasting Process

Half of the flavour of a coffee beans, especially if it’s a specialty coffee, comes from its roasting process. Depending on the type of the bean and the preference of the coffee drinkers in a place, the coffee beans can be either a light, medium, medium-dark or dark roast. Each level of roast builds a different taste profile for a coffee. Start by knowing which roast do you like the most, understand its nuances, and then gradually start moving on to the other ones.

  1. Learn About Brewing

Like roasting, different type of coffee is made using by varying the brewing methods. While some specialty coffee, like Vietnamese coffee, can only be made by the slow drip method of Robusta coffee beans, others also have their specific brewing method. Some of the popular brewing methods you need to know about are pour-over, siphon/vacuum, percolator, press method, espresso, stovetop. Different brewing methods require different textures of the coffee grinds like fine, coarse, etc. Having proper knowledge of the brewing methods is crucial for every coffee enthusiast to know. 

  1. Taste Every Cup

If you want to increase your knowledge about coffee and coffee beans, you can’t stick to only one type of coffee. Visit different baristas and try out new varieties of coffee to experience every type of blend that exists. Espresso, Americano, Latte, Macchiato, Mocha, Cappuccino, Café au Lait are some of the variants that you must try. Other than these, there are also other drinks made from coffee that you must try.


While it may seem like a vast space initially, once you enter the world of coffee, you will find yourself enjoying a different experience every single time. So keep the above points in mind and increase your coffee knowledge one cup at a time. Best of luck! 

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