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What Makes Vietnamese Coffee Taste So Distinctive and Delicious? Is It Natural or Enhanced with Artificial Flavors?

Very few things can match the experience of starting the day with the aroma of freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee, and if it is of premium quality, it is a different experience altogether. You must be wondering what’s so special about Vietnamese coffee? 

To be honest, Vietnamese coffee beans have a soothing reaction in the mind that never fails to instill a sense of relaxation. Unlike the sweet, creamy, and mellow arabica coffee, Vietnamese coffee has a much more layered taste profile which will definitely make you crave more. But what makes this coffee taste so distinctive?

Why is Vietnamese Coffee So Delicious? 

The not-so-secret factor is the roasting process of Vietnamese coffee, along with its natural, unique flavor. Vietnamese coffee beans naturally have a more bitter and dark flavor due to their high caffeine percentage. The roasting process that follows gives Vietnamese coffee its delicious and distinctive taste. The process includes choosing only the red, ripe coffee beans and processing those having the meat layer intact. 

Widely popular for being bitter like almost a burnt cake, Vietnamese coffee beans, when processed correctly, has a fruity and dark taste that somewhat resembles the sweetness of honey, giving it the name ‘honey coffee.' You might think that the artificial flavors added to the coffee during processing give it its distinctive taste, but that's not true. 

Vietnamese people take their coffee seriously, so adding artificial flavors is never an option for them. The Robusta coffee beans naturally pack so much flavor that the beans do magic when it's in the right hands.  Its natural bitterness also plays a major role in its unforgettable taste. 

As the arabica coffee beans are already mellow, the coffee becomes oversweet when milk is added to the drink, making it taste one-dimensional. Contrary to that, the bitterness of Vietnamese coffee cuts through the sweetness of the milk, managing to give the drink a much more balanced taste profile, which makes it taste multilayered. Also, the Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans provide a better layer of crema, lifting the taste of the cup to a higher level than the general coffee. 

Final Words

Many coffee enthusiasts are of the view that artificial flavors are being added to lift the taste of Vietnamese coffee, but these are nothing but misconceptions. Instead, Vietnamese coffee beans are packed with such unique flavors that additional artificial flavors will ruin the taste. 

So the next time you crave a good cup of coffee, you can try ordering a pack of premium roasted robusta coffee beans or fine robusta blended coffee from The Caphe Vietnam. We bet it'll spin magic on you and that too without depending on any artificial support.

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