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A Coffee Lovers Guide to Vietnam Coffee

Everything You Need to Know to Fall in Love 

Traditionally, coffee lovers were in awe of Arabica coffee due to its soothing taste and aroma. After a long haul and being unnoticed for a long time, Vietnam coffee and Vietnamese coffee culture are finally getting the attention it deserves from coffee lovers all over the world.

Coffee is an integral part of Vietnam and is taken very seriously by the locals. Every region of Vietnam has its preference and method of preparing coffee, and thus Vietnamese coffee culture is vibrant and multilayered in nature. So if you're a coffee lover interested in knowing more about Vietnamese coffee, this blog can serve as your guide for the journey.

Why Does Vietnam Love its Robusta Variant? 

When we talk about Vietnamese coffee culture, we need to start by mentioning that Vietnam loves its very own Robusta, unlike the rest of the world, which is primarily dependent on Arabic coffee. Coffee enthusiasts sitting in small roadside cafes sipping their favorite Robusta variant and conversing is a common sight in Vietnam. The dark, bitter variety of coffee beans is so prevalent in the country that even big joints like Starbucks, primarily selling arabica coffee, had to introduce the robusta variant in their menu after launching in the country. 

Robusta coffee beans exclusively grown in Vietnam have started gaining more and more popularity even in the global circuit as specialty coffee and a primal drink of Vietnam. You must be wondering why a country would be obsessed with a coffee bean that doesn’t even taste sweet. 

The reason for this is the high caffeine content of the Robusta, which adds more cream to the drink. As mentioned before, people from different regions of Vietnam like their coffee differently. While some prefer it hot and black, others like to enjoy a cold brew with ice and little milk. 

Whatever may be the style, one thing is common among all the regions, and that is the way the coffee is brewed. Coffee in Vietnam is brewed using a Vietnamese Phin filter. It is a small aluminum filter that sits on top of a cup and brews the coffee in a slow drip method, enhancing the richness of the dark concoction. 

Like robusta coffee beans, the Vietnamese Phin filter is also an integral part of Vietnamese coffee culture. This is because the locals believe that the slow dripping not only elevates the taste of the coffee but also gives the drinker some time to sit back and relax from the busy day-to-day schedule to enjoy life. 

People use this as a way to start their conversation with fellow drinkers, which increases camaraderie amongst the people by letting them be a part of each other's lives. This is in contrast to the 'coffee-on-the-go' nature followed by the rest of the world, where people don't even sit to enjoy a cup of coffee, let alone indulge in a conversation over it. 

Parting Words 

If reading this post has intrigued you to enjoy a slice of the rich Vietnamese coffee culture, we have good news for you. We bring to you a  wide range of premium products like Vietnamese phin filters, fine robusta blended coffee, Honey Drip Coffee, and many more. Now you can enjoy this without spending on taking a trip to Vietnam but from your home with TheCapheVietnam. We believe it’s going to be a perfect gateway for your induction into Vietnamese coffee culture

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