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Why Are The Caphe Vietnam Beans Different Than Others?

Whether you are traveling or refueling yourself to take the challenges of the new day head-on, it isn't easy to imagine a day without your favorite beverage. Coffee is known for its ability to fine-tune your focus and boost energy levels. Coffee enthusiasts depend on their daily cup of coffee right when they wake up and get their day started on the right foot. Caffeine drives their energy level and boosts their enthusiasm to tackle all difficulties. Vietnamese coffee beans have a high caffeine content compared to Arabica beans and are a better choice for caffeine enthusiasts. 

The Vietnamese Coffee Culture 

In Vietnam, coffee is more than just a drink; it is a way of life. People in the west are familiar with the vaguely nutty flavor of the coffee that comes from the Arabica coffee beans, imported mostly from Europe and America. Although you find the Arabica variety in Vietnam, Robusta coffee beans steal the show. 

Robusta beans form the secret ingredient of the Vietnamese coffee culture. While most people are fond of the western coffee style, the Vietnamese coffee in Dubai brings something special and different. The western-style coffee includes lattes and cappuccinos, but the Vietnam-styled coffee comes with a phin. Phin is a French-styled filter used to make drip coffee, giving it a fabulous tasting blend.

Why is Robusta Coffee Beans better than other varieties?

The best coffee beans in Dubai come with a distinct flavor that is often hard to replicate or find elsewhere. Yes, you got it right that roasted coffee beans in UAE contain Robusta. This variety of coffee beans has a reputation for having a bitter taste, making it distinct from other varieties. 

Robusta coffee bean contains nearly twice the amount of caffeine than Arabica coffee. Besides, fine quality roasted coffee leaves behind a bold, nutty and chocolaty taste. If you love experiencing a strong brew, opt for a black coffee prepared using Robusta coffee beans.

However, if you do not like the strong taste yet love the nutty, bold, and chocolaty flavor of coffee, try consuming Robusta coffee brew with milk and sweetener. Robusta is the most preferred choice for fitness freaks, partly because of the high caffeine content and the antioxidants in the fine Robusta blended coffee. 

How TheCapheVietnam’s Beans are Different from Others?

If you are looking for the best coffee beans in Dubai, TheCapheVietnam can help you in your quest. It is not only because they use the best quality Robusta coffee blend but also due to the process they follow for growing, producing, and processing the coffee beans.

Growing Process and Care

TheCapheVietnam only has organically cultivated coffee beans with a strong aroma and a rich taste. The harvesters handpick each of the ripe red coffee cherries and do not include the raw green ones. The farmers dry the coffee on a drying rack in a greenhouse, which prevents the invasion of insects and impurities on the beans. 

They also take the best care of the plants and add nutrients accordingly with each stage of development of the coffee plants. During the cultivation process, we also use organic fertilizers. Their fertilizers comprise agricultural waste, such as coffee husks and cow manure. During the dry season, they supplement the trees with water, increasing the plant's ability to cope with the environment.

Harvesting the Coffee Beans

The coffee plants undergo a harvesting process between September and November. It coincides with the sunny season on the red basalt soil that facilitates the harvesting, drying, and processing of the best coffee beans in Dubai.

The farmers carry out the preliminary processing a day after the collection of the beans. The Coffee beans undergo a separation process from the impurities, such as leaves and branches, and then undergo removal of dirt accumulated on the surface. The coffee beans are then drained on a rig and packed into bags. The beans then undergo anaerobic fermentation, giving it the natural flavor of the fine Robusta blended coffee.

Preserving the Coffee Beans

After drying the coffee beans, TheCapheVietnam packs and stores them in a warehouse to avoid exposure to environmental light. To prevent re-moisturizing from the internal environment, the finely roasted coffee beans in UAE always undergo packing in a layer of plastic. The beans are rested for at least three months before they undergo dehulling and roasting. This step allows the coffee beans to remain stabilized and offers a rich taste to every brew.

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