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Phin Filter: Everything You May need to Know

If you're an aspiring coffee nerd looking to increase your knowledge about the world of coffee, chances are you would have at least come across the word Phin filter without knowing what it means. Vietnamese Phin filter is a small tool used while brewing  Vietnamese coffee. 

It plays a vital role in the coffee culture of Vietnam, and for any coffee aficionado, it is very important to know this tool. So what is the Phin filter? Today's article has thrown light on what it is and how it can give you the perfect coffee experience. 

What is the Phin Filter?

A Phin filter is a traditional tool that is used to brew Vietnamese coffee in the slow drip method. Widely known as the Vietnamese Coffee Maker or Vietnamese Coffee Press, the Phin filter is a small pot-like structure usually made from aluminum or stainless steel. It resembles the shape of a Moka pot but is lighter and thinner than it. 

It is placed on the coffee cup while brewing. Speaking of its make, a Phin filter comprises a brewing chamber, a gravity press, a filter plate, and a filter lid.

Let us look at the various types of Phin filters available in the market. 

  • Gravity press filter 

As its name suggests, this filter works on the principle of gravity. The press in the gravity press filter sits on top of the coffee grind without needing any latch or weight. It is a better choice for freshly ground coffee as it provides the coffee space to degas. 

  • Screw-on filter

Unlike the gravity press filter, the press is screwed onto the bottom of the filter, from where you can control the thickness of the coffee bed. Though this Phin filter gives you more control over the drip speed, it doesn't give the coffee much space to bloom and degas. Thus, freshly ground coffee is not the right option to use with a screw-on filter; you should rather use pre-ground coffee. 

How to use a Phin filter?

To be honest, the Phin filter is considered to be the easiest tool one can use to brew coffee. All you need to do is prepare the coffee bed, keep the press above it, and lastly, pour hot water into the filter. And everything else will be taken care of by the filter; the hot water drips through the coffee bed to brew the concoction. 

Advantages of the Phin filter.

We hope this article has been helpful in teaching you about this very useful coffee brewing tool, and you'll use it in the future. Now, let’s discuss a few advantages of owning a Phin filter. 

  • Easy to clean

Unlike the more technical tools, the phin filter doesn't have many complicated parts, making the cleaning easier. You need to rinse it with water and soap to ensure the filer always gives you the best taste. 

  • Easy to use

While you need to learn how to use other types of coffee filters, the phin filter can be used by anyone without any hassle. It has a very straightforward process that ensures a good quality brew. 

  • Portability

One of the best features of the phin filter is its portability. The aluminum or stainless steel material makes it resistant to breakage without increasing its weight. Thus it is very easy to carry the phin filter anywhere. 

Wrapping Up

Phin Filter can make your Vietnamese coffee brand taste like heaven. The rich blend and authentic aroma can blow your mind in an instant. If you’re interested in buying a good quality phin filter for your coffee needs, it’s time you place an order for a premium quality phin filter. 

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